Do you know how to window shop?

Buying doors and windows (D&W) can be tricky…and if it’s the first time that you’re looking to purchase them, knowing where to start is not easy. I’ll share a few of my findings to assist  your D&W shopping experience.

Generally D&W are made out of the following materials (Aluminium, PVC, Wood or Fiber Glass) and they each offer different benefits. I would separate these benefits in 4 categories: ease of maintenance, energy efficient, affordability  & design. (+: least, ++: good, +++: best)

  • Aluminium/PVC combo or PVC only*:  ease of maintenance +++, energy efficient++, affordability ++, design++
  • Wood: ease of maintenance +, energy efficient++, affordability++, design+++
  • Fiber Glass**: ease of maintenance +++, energy efficient+++, affordability +, design++

Once you know which material you want, then you need to understand the technical element that goes in window fabrications. What makes a window more or less energy efficient? The following two questions/links will help you find the answer:

If you don’t feel like doing all the research, then I’d recommend the following:

  • Select a D&W base on your zone + LoE/ARGON which is designed to reduce the impact of outside climate on indoor climate of your home

When it came to my project, I needed to change 3 doors and 10 windows. As previously mentioned I always get several quotes, due to privacy I wont mention the name of the companies below…if you want to know were I got my doors & windows, send me a note and I’ll share with you.

  • Company A: 25K   –   Company B: 12K
  • Company C : 9K    –    Company D: 5K

Company A

  • ease of maintenance ++, energy efficient+, affordability +, design+++
  • was offering the Gaudi of windows…but surprisingly least energy efficient. They were ruled out.

Company D

  • ease of maintenance +++, energy efficient+, affordability +++, design+
  • off the shelves D&W..while the product was available and ready to go, it wasn’t energy efficient and didn’t include LoE Argon.

Company C & B:

  • ease of maintenance +++, energy efficient++, affordability ++, design++
  • were offering comparable products. Company C was slightly more energy efficient and could deliver  in 3-4 weeks. Company B was able to deliver in 6-8 weeks. Winter was approaching and I really needed my windows installed asap. B was ruled out & C was the winner.

This post is probably the most technical one, therefore If you have questions don’t hesitate to message or email me.

*:when you take the Aluminium/PVC combo you have a wide range of colour available and does increasing the pricing. If you take PVC only then the design & cost element would be reduce to just one +.

**Fibre Glass is one of the most energy efficient material, often used in Arctic climate, but all the most expensive. This option is like the Maserati in windows.

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