$5K for garbage, really?

The title says it all….but how is that possible?

For garbage disposal in a renovation, there are like two main options: A) renting a container or B) having a company pick up the debris…Well, if you have a large truck available, you can aways drop everything off at your local Eco-Centre. I didn’t have a truck, nor the time to drop it off myself therefore I had to select between option A or B.

Option A was pricey, $550 for a 40 yards container and the city was charging $40 for the permit + $50/day to allow the container on the sidewalk. In addition, you my demo junk yard needed to coordinate with the container company for the delivery & pick-up of the container…While I had a large backyard, the access from the alley was quite restricted thus we couldn’t drop the container in the yard….Quite unfortunate, that would have been the best option!

Option B was cheap, $240/18yards, we could simply leave the debris in the backyard and the company would pick-up on a weekly basis.

Option B was the most convenient since it wouldn’t slowdown the demolition process + the cost per yard was $0.42 cheaper….it was a no brainer!!!

I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!…I had budgeted 3K for debris disposal, and midway through the demolition, we had already reached 3K, grrrrhhhh!!! ;O( – I didn’t understand how that was possible. At that point, I decided to go back to option A hoping that I would be able to slow down the bleeding.

I mean, at the rate I was going I would  spend close to 7K on gaarrbaagge DISPOSAL, really??? Who does that?!?!?!?

The lesson here it that packing a truck is not as efficient as throwing it all in a container, who would have thought???…I end-up renting two containers and got the second half of the debris out of the way.

Unofficially I saved 2K by stopping the bleeding ;o)…..but in reality I was 2K over budget ;o(

With only two weeks into this project, I’m already over budget, not a promising start…I’ll probably have to make some comprises in the weeks to come.

2 Responses to $5K for garbage, really?

  1. Thomas Szczygiel says:

    Those are hidden costs that most people omit or forget to acccount in their renovation budget. Even though you went 2K above, you certainly did not go 5K overbudget! Small price to pay vs if you didnt budget it at all! I will certainly count this particular expense in my budget! Thanks from presenting the different alternatives for disposing garbage! On the flip side, I would burn it, but because of environmental and municipal laws – Its a big no, no!

  2. West says:

    Thanks for the optimistic view Thom….Hmmm, ya burning the debris may not be a good idea ;o) – I can’t wait to see the process & the end results of your project.

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